Monster Bash

Manufacturer: Williams , Year: 1998

Monster bash is a classic game, highly sought after by collectors and fun to play for all. The main strategy of the game is to get all six monsters, and start Monster Bash. You start a monster by hitting their targets. The monsters and targets are as follows:

Dracula: Hit the side DRAC targets until Drac Attack is lit (activate at scoop). Complete Dracula by hitting him 5 times.
Frank: Hit the Frank targets until Frank opens up. Shoot up the Frank ramp to start Frankenstein Multiball, and then hit him several times to complete.
Mummy: Pop bumpers enough times will light Mummy Mayhem (activate at scoop). Complete the mummy by hitting any ramp, orbit, or center spinner lane enough times to gain points.
Creature: Hit the left lane by the Creature sign four times. Complete by hitting lighted arrow targets (ramps, orbit, or the Creature lane)
Bride: Hit the left and right ramps three times each. Complete by doing that again, center spinner lane will reset countdown timer to 30 seconds.
Wolfman: Hit the outer orbits a total of four times. Complete by hitting the orbits again four times.

If you start a monster and don't complete it, you will not receive their "instrument." Each monster you complete will give you an instrument. When you have opened all six monsters, Monster Bash will be lit in the center scoop for a four ball multiball. If you complete all of the monsters (that is, get all their instruments) that will light Monsters of Rock at the scoop for the same multiball, but with much higher points.

Hitting the center spinner six times will light Mosh Pit, a multiball that starts with two balls, and an add-a-ball for each center spinner lane hit, up to four. Jackpots are through the Frank ramp.

Skill shot is hitting the lit letter D-I-G on launch.

It's a relatively simple rule set, but can be very difficult game to be consistent on. The outlanes can be brutal.

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