Manufacturer: Stern , Year: 2013

One of the most iconic heavy metal bands in a Rock and Roll themed machine, Metallica is a fast, fun, and sometimes frustrating game to play. The whole gang's here, including Sparky, who is the guy in the electric chair at the top of the machine. At the beginning of the game, you can pick which Metallica song you want to play in the background, which does not affect gameplay.

The most obvious target on the playfield is Sparky. The Sparky shot can be made from either flipper, which in many games is an uncontrolled, dangerous shot. On this machine, the outlanes on are mostly friendly and rarely will that center shot drain down the middle. Ten or so shots to Sparky will start the three-ball Electric Chair Multiball.

The graveyard on the left hand side between the outer orbit and left ramp on the other hand, is a shot that many times bounces back straight for the center of the flippers. Three shots here will drop the targets, revealing the headstone, and two more shots to this will start a two-ball Graveyard Multiball.

There is a snake scoop on the center-left side of the playfield. This is one of the most erratic ejects I've ever seen from a scoop. It can throw it wildly off to the side or straight down the middle, so be ready. A shot to the snake will light a snake insert on the playfield. Shooting that shot will light the snake again (and give you a letter). When you've spelled S-N-A-K-E, it's lit again and a shot to the mouth will start the two-ball Snake Multiball.

Hitting all of the picks twice will light the coffin for a lock (captive ball next to the snake). After the third lock hit the coffin to start a 4 ball multiball.

All of the multiball modes can be combined, which will rack up a ton of points. There are also other modes to activate with the Fuel target bank on the left, the left and right ramps, but the multiballs, and combining them, is where the meat of this game is.

Fan of the band or not, this is a great design and a whole lot of fun to play.

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  • 7th:: Tommy Bizzi
  • 8th:: Brian Dodd

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