Bram Stokers Dracula

Manufacturer: Williams , Year: 1993

Arguably one of the most macabre pinball games ever, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is not for the squeamish. Blood, werewolves and vampire sounds set the scene.

The biggest innovative eye-catcher in the game is the Mist Multiball feature where a ball magically floats across the playfield needing you to knock it off to start the feature.

There are bat and rat bonuses that can be lucrative and valuable in league play, but the main way to rack up points is to stack multiballs. There are 3 multiballs in the game: Castle, Coffin, and Mist. The idea is to have more than one of these set up and ready to go when one is started. Once one is started, start a second or third multiball during it. Depending on the number of multiballs you have stacked, meaningful shots can be worth from 10 million points each to 30 million points each. During Coffin multiball, continue to get balls in the coffin to stab Dracula. Kill him for a nice jackpot.

This game is fast and downright rude. There is no control of the ball off the plunge so many times a ball can drain without a flip. You must get the timing of the ramp shots down early or you will be in trouble. There are really no “safe” shots at all. This might be a game you’d want to get a game of practice on before league starts.

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Fall Standings

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  • 6th:: Greg Sherwood
  • 7th:: Tommy Bizzi
  • 8th:: Brian Dodd

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