Fish Tales

Manufacturer: Williams , Year: 1992

Fish Tales is a bright and active game from the early 90’s by Williams. This game resembles in feel many of the other Williams games from the era (Monster Bash, Scared Stiff) but the playfield is very unique to this title.

Players will notice the auto-plunge starts the game from the shape of a rod and reel, and the entire theme to the game is fishing oriented. As typical in other games, the pop bumper lanes light the letters LIE which when completed add a bonus multiplier up to 7X.

Directly in the middle of the playfield is a plastic, elevated “boat” with two alternating ramps, and a captive ball in the center. Shooting one of these ramps will light the alternate ramp with a green arrow, and linking 6 shots together will prompt the plastic decal fish on the top of the machine to go crazy, and will light “Monster fish”. Monster fish can be collected by shooting the left orbit, note that just reaching the spinner and triggering that will collect the fish as well. Monster fish starts at 20M, and ticks down by 50K until it stops at a base value of 5M. Collecting one monster fish raises the start value from 20M, to 30M, to 40M, and capping finally at 50M. Looping together these ramps and collecting monster fish is a very viable strategy for competitive play

Shooting the left loop all the way around orbit will enter the Fish Finder and trigger a random award when lit by hitting the right orbit first. These awards can include bonus multipliers, stretch the truth, or even multiball.

The captive ball in the middle has 5 different modes stacked behind the ball, each one starting a different mode when the captive ball is hit hard enough to reach the sensor. Hold bonus, video mode, rock the boat, extra ball, and insta-multiball are the captive ball awards when reached.

Video mode is designed around shooting torpedoes at passing boats and jet ski’s. You have 20 torpedoes and 20 seconds, with the boats farther away being worth more than boats being closer. Use the autocast button on top of the plunge real to shoot.

Rock the boat is a mode that awards 10 million per boat shot for 20 seconds from mode start. This is a very lucrative mode as well, and even U-turn boat shots count for the value.

Just above both in-lanes are 3 fish along each side of the machine, 6 in total. Collecting all 6 will light one of the colored fish on the middle of the playfield, and the next left orbit shot will “Stretch the truth” awarding a bonus. Lighting all four fish this way starts Feeding Frenzy, a mode that lights the two boat ramps, and both orbits for 15 seconds. Completing these shots start at 5 million, and increase by 5 million, totaling a value of 35 million for completion.

Just below the pop bumpers is a drop target and lock ball location called Casters Club. Hitting this shot will lock a ball in the fishing reel just above and left of the playfield, and locking 3 balls starts multiball. Collecting jackpots is the goal here, and shooting a ball back into the casters club will light the left orbit to collect a jackpot. Jackpots are 20M, 30M, and 40M in succession. Once all 3 jackpots have been collected, the captive ball will light super jackpot which is worth 100M! Note: Monster fish’s can be collected will during multiball by looping 6 ramp shots

Overall, the game can be fast paced with lots of audio and visual entertainment to go hand in hand with gameplay. This game can reward fast, live play with big points or when not in rhythm can be unfriendly. Grab yer gear and give it a whirl!

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