Manufacturer: Williams , Year: 1990

A 1990 Williams classic. Designed by Pat Lawlor (Addams family, Whirlwind), this pinball machine features an enormous talking head by the name of Rudy at the top of the playfield. And this particular Rudy is creeped out and given the "scary clown" vibe by our own expert designer and restorer, Tom Diester.

The rules are relatively simple, advance the clock by hitting switches to get to 11:30PM, which will light the first lock. Lock the ball and advance the clock to 11:45PM and that will light the other lock. At midnight, it's time for multi-ball, which you can start by shooting the ball into Rudy's mouth.

The scoop at the mirror will start a mode, and completing all modes will start Super Frenzy. In order to maximize your points, try to start Super Frenzy right before a multiball. Additionally, if you get to Super Frenzy, you do NOT want to tilt that ball out, your bonus will be the value of your Super Frenzy, and this can be several million points.

Plunge: There is a skill shot off of the plunge, a medium shot that lands behind Rudy's head, aptly named Rudy's Hideout. This is worth 250K the first time, advancing 250K each time up to a million. This can be a somewhat lucrative shot if you can dial into it, however the standard convention is to soft plunge the ball to get it in control and on the right flipper for a Mirror hit.

Advancing The Clock: The clock starts at 8:00, and completing various shots will advance the clock. The center ramp will advance it by 15 minutes, then 20, 25, 30), so that's a good shot to make to advance the clock. The other way to advance the clock quickly is to hit the left orbit shot and have the ball bounce around in the pop bumpers. The pop bumpers are 5 minutes a piece when lit, and 10 minutes a piece when they are flashing.

Midnight Multiball: Once you've advanced to 11:30, the LOCK will light, and clock advancements will stop until you hit the lock shot. After hitting the lock shot, the clock will advance to 11:45 and allow you to launch another ball. After hitting that lock shot, the clock advances to Midnight and puts him to sleep. This is when you need to hit him in the mouth to start multiball. The easiest way to get that shot is to get the ball on the left flipper, hit the lock shot again which will then feed back to the upper left flipper. Hitting him in the mouth is a little bit tricky, it's a very early shot on the flipper, akin to the Gem shot on Tron (but not nearly as awful).

The lane below Rudy's mouth is the Trapdoor lane. This is the Jackpot, and is worth 2M points to start. Getting a ball in here will close the trap door and award the jackpot. To re-light the jackpot, hit the center ramp, and the next jackpot will be worth 3M, increasing by 1M to a maximum of 10M. If you do not make any jackpots, the LOCK lane will be lit for a 2 ball multiball restart. Which is great, because 3 balls on this multiball is simply too much. Ramp, Trapdoor, repeat.

Advancing the Mirror: There are several modes on the mirror, including Quick Multiball. This operates much like the ramp/chair on Addams Family,  you have to make a shot in order to advance the next mode. On Funhouse this is done by either hitting the right inlane LITE MYSTERY MIRROR TUNNEL and then immediately hitting the scoop, or by hitting Rudy in the mouth, which will keep that active. Mirror awards are disabled during both Multiballs and Frenzy.

Steps: On the left of the playfield, there is another plunger lane for Steps. You can get there via the center ramp after getting the Mirror Award for Steps Open. Spelling the S-T-E-P targets will light an unlit award from the steps lane. These awards are 500K points, Light Extra Ball, and Fun House Frenzy. 

Frenzy: Once you've collected all of the mirror awards, Super Frenzy will be ready and another shot to the mirror will start it. In Super Frenzy, each switch will add 100K to your Super Frenzy Bonus (or 50K for Steps Frenzy). Frenzy runs for 20 seconds, and can be extended another 20 seconds if you bring the other Frenzy in. The ideal situation is to get both Frenzy's going and tacking on a multiball, and then trying to fire those balls around the left loop into the pop bumpers.

Quick Multiball: Another game with another Quick Multiball. This MB is started via the Mirror. Clock advancement stops during this multiball, but each hit to Rudy is now worth 1M points. 

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