Addams Family

Manufacturer: Bally , Year: 1992

The classic. The best selling pinball of all time. Collectible due to the fun gameplay, gadgets, fun sounds and original voices.

Some of the special features of The Addams Family are an upper flipper which facilitates an upper ramp shot, a lower mini flipper that can flip all by itself, a Thing hand that comes down to grab the ball, and THE POWER… a magnetic field that whips the ball around usually to places you don’t want it to go.

The Addams Family has many different ways to rack up points. The main focus is the mansion that has 12 rooms that are semi-randomly lit one at a time and activated by shooting the lit electric chair (and on some settings, the E grave scoop hole). The chair is lit at the start of each ball and by hitting a ramp shot. These rooms can give you points, set up multiballs or start modes. Some software (like ours) allows for secret goodies to be found in some rooms for extra points! Light up all the rooms and then the chair shot will Tour The Mansion for 50 million points and lots of extras.

The Addams Family is a shot maker’s game and typically does not reward “live” play. There are some fundamental shots you need to learn how to make. Good ball control and shot execution will make for a very long ball. Missed shots are penalized very quickly.

Get kooky and ooky with The Addams Family!

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Fall Standings

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  • 7th:: Tommy Bizzi
  • 8th:: Brian Dodd

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