Fall 2016 Week 5/6 Recap

Welcome Drop Week!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Well, we’re past the half way point for the season, which can only mean one thing: Drop Week!

The drop week takes your lowest score to date and throws it out the window. So say “goodbye” to your worst score, and “hello” to making sure you don’t do that again the rest of the season. The standings reflect the drop scores, and there are some changes in the standings indeed!

Congratulations goes out to Aaron Burke for putting up another huge week in week 5, helping to push him into the first place spot (yes, this feels really weird writing in the third person. No sir, I don’t like it) with a total of 3207. Rounding out the top 8 are Rod Lawrence (#2, -130), Ryan Case (#3, -164), John Delzoppo (#4, -178), Don Johnson (#5, 228), Tommy Bizzi (#6, -370), Mark F Brown OH (#7, -438) and Steve Clute (#8, -444). Congratulations to all, this is quite the race we have going! Below is a week by week breakdown:

Week 5/6: A Bank
The A Bank was a big one for Aaron Burke, pulling in the top score with his second 682 (the highest score this season). A solid bank throughout, highlighted by monsters on Kiss (189,549,570) and Funhouse (23,001,880). Don Johnson took second for the bank to creep up in the standings with a 658, taking 1st on Terminator 2 (122,131,940) and solid scores on the rest of the board. Rod Lawrence took third for bank A with an impressive 651, taking first on Funhouse (24,086,300) and Tron (77,817,610), and second on Kiss (143,401,510). Brian Johnson also joined the party with a 616, taking fourth place for the bank.

Notable mentions go out to great scores on Funhouse by Michael Neuhoff (11.2M), Anthony Barr (10.7M) and Nick Rudert (10.3M). Congrats, Nick, on a very solid 524. Game of Thrones top score goes to Jeremy Cottrell (809M), Jason Dunn making it happen on T2 with a 114M (2nd). Tommy Pinwizzi destroyed Earthshaker with a 16M, followed by two great scores from Mike Gedeon (10.5M) and Lee Antl (10M).

Week 5/6: B Bank
Ryan Case won the bank with a beautiful set (1,4,5,7,8,9) to give him 677 points. Not sure how he did it, but managed to pull in a 6.3M on Fire! Rod Lawrence came in second, with a great set (1,3,3,5,6,46) outside of Fire! but a ridiculous 372M on Getaway. Aaron Burke put up just enough to get a 618 for the third spot, and Mark F Brown OH in fouth with a 616, grabbing a 1st place on Monster Bash (191M). Joining the party for the second week in a row, Brian Johnson took fifth, putting up an absolutely disgusting 539M (!) on Fish Tales.

Notable mentions out to Zach Ulle for a very nice week 6 (591 points, 6th place), Steve Clute with a 1.8B on GNR, Tim Zjaba taking 2nd on Getaway with 110M, Ted Sawicki with 92M. Chuck Rice dropped a bomb on Royal Rumble and put up an 860M to win the week for that machine, and just 1M shy of Rod Lawrence’s high score of 861. In what league does a 147M on Fish Tales get you 8th place? Kidforce, that’s who. Amazing scores put up by Brian Johnson (539M), Brian Dodd (315M), Greg Sherwood (285M), Joe Kiskis (284M), Ryan Case (180M), Rod Lawrence (175M) and Ted Sawicki (175M). Unreal guys. Un. Real.

The Numbers

Here are your Median, Average, and High Scores through week 6. Changes in High Score are highlighted with bold.

Medieval Madness
Median: 9,380,350 | Average: 12,789,448 | High: (109,457,640)

Median: 2,508,355 | Average: 3,874,631 | High: 3,874,631 (Rod Lawrence)

Median: 17,714,975 | Average: 28,863,734 | High: 189,549,570 (Aaron Burke)

Game of Thrones
Median: 34,112,690 | Average: 134,845,541 High: 1,390,725,410 (Ryan Case)

Median: 8,261,140 | Average: 13,493,439 | High: 77,817,610 (Rod Lawrence)

Median: 11,064,650 | Average: 16,081,765 | High: 122,131,940 (Don Johnson)

Median: 1,784,610 | Average: 2,728,435 | High: 24,870,230 (Aaron Burke)

Median: 18,460,900 | Average: 29,730,739 | High: 221,538,720 (Tommy Pinwizzi)

Median: 360,085,980 | Average: 529,970,548 | High: 3,776,792,400 (Don Johnson)

Median: 26,462,230 | Average: 41,026,121 | High: 372,516,150 (Rod Lawrence)

Royal Rumble
Median: 169,227,210 | Average: 223,226,171 | High: 861,959,750 (Rod Lawrence)

Fish Tales
Median: 19,867,380 | Average: 36,795,851 | High: 539,104,650 (Brian Johnson)

Median: 486,080 | Average: 672,869 | High: 6,369,850 (Ryan Case)

Weekly Winners

Season High: Aaron Burke (Weeks 2 and 5, 682)

Week 6: Ryan Case (677)
Week 5: Aaron Burke (682)
Week 4: John Delzoppo (651)
Week 3: Tim Kerro (661)
Week 2: Aaron Burke (682)
Week 1: John Delzoppo (675)


It’s tough to tell the movers and shakers when we transition to having the drop week, because we see people with 0’s jump WAY up in the rankings. However, the biggest non-zero movers this week are Rebecca Mental (+13, 65th), Brian Johnson (+12, 11th), Fred Kendra (+9, into 27th), Larry Kuczynski (+8, 24th, welcome to the A division!), and Bobby Saylor (+7, 26th). The heat for cracking into the top 24 is on! Good luck all!